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We need YOU! All of YOU!

In Business, we usually think of competing with other companies by comparing profits or returns on capital employed. However, the competition can reach into other arenas. The more people we have, the better. It is a great opportunity to meet people from all over the organization and the world.
Bob Botto (ex-captain)

We need YOU! All of YOU!

Runners, throwers, jumpers
0 - 100 years of age

Please contact one of our regional representatives


1. Employees

Must have been employed continuously by the corporation forty-five days prior to the start of the National meet. They must be working 20 hours or more per week (for each of the six plus weeks leading up to the Nationals), and be on the corporation's payroll and have taxes withheld by the corporation.

2. Contractors

Must be under contract with the corporation six months prior to the start of the National meet. Must be working 30 hours or more per week, for that corporation, for the entire six months. Eligible contractors comprise independent contractors; outsourced former employees who continue to perform the same work for the corporation, and staff who have long-term service commitments with the corporation, who take direction from corporate employees, and who work to fulfill corporate business objectives, even if they are paid through payroll or temporary staffing agencies. Employees of outside consulting firms who are assigned to client corporations on task assignments are not eligible to compete for those client corporations (example: Andersen Consulting employees on assignment to Hughes may not compete for Hughes). Contractors are not eligible to compete as alumni.

3. Retirees

Must be pension eligible, former employees, with five or more years of service to the corporation and whose age plus years of service equals sixty years or more. Retirees must not be in the full time employment of another USCAA competing corporation. Retirees may not run in either the Executive Relay or President's Relay events, even if they still reside on the Board of Directors for that company. There is no limit on the number of retirees who may compete for a corporation.

4. Alumni

Up to five ex-employees who have previously competed for a team in at least one USCAA National Track & Field Championship are eligible to compete for that team, provided they are not employed by another competing USCAA team. They may not run in either the Executive Relay or President's Relay events. No more than two ex-employees can come from a single company. Ex-employees who participated in Nationals exclusively as summer interns or as contractors are not eligible to compete under the alumni provision.